Author Spotlight

Let's Take A Closer Look At Some Great Cozy Mystery Authors

Dani Simms



Dani Simms is a big dog lover, oenophile, and author of wine and canine themed cozy mysteries.

She lives in the Orange County area of California with her three sons and oversized German shepherd mix. In between writing projects, Dani loves visiting central California to research wines and plot her upcoming books.

Emory Keller

I wanted to be a jill of all trades when I was young and experience everything: travel, job hop, earn a few degrees. Now that I'm in midlife, I have no reason to slow down. In fact, I might take it up a notch!

I'm a slash/career professional: leadership coach, cozy mystery author, and certified wound care nurse. I'm a widow who finally remarried (after 11 years; good men are hard to find) and a single mom of two beautiful adults. I live in a quaint PNW town nestled between the mountains and the ocean, and my favorite food cycles between Japanese, Mexican, Brazilian, and Middle Eastern.


Joy Patrick

Joy Patrick is a psychology researcher, outdoor enthusiast, and publisher of second chance themed cozy mysteries. Her work in the medical and mental health fields, in addition to being from a spirited family of writers and fine arts lovers, serves as her inspiration.

Joy lives in the beautiful mountains of Tennessee, her home base for spontaneous travel and experiences that expand her knowledge and sense of adventure and freedom.