The Terrowin Hotel Mysteries


Grandpa Sharpe has made it clear to Jamie that the old Terrowin Hotel, an inheritance from her uncle that she is managing, is bursting at the seams with forgotten treasures and deadly secrets.

But when a young girl vanishes from room 307 without a trace just a few short weeks after the grand reopening, that reality comes crashing down with more force than she would’ve anticipated.

To make matters worse, she discovers that another woman had disappeared from the same room just a few years back.


But when she encounters a dead body in the laundry room, she’s forced to begin doing some sleuthing herself.

A series of strange guests have been plaguing the Terrowin since its opening, and far too many of them seem to be revolving around the missing girl’s case.

She desperately wants to solve the mystery in time to save the girl, but she soon finds that her own life may be in jeopardy as she begins uncovering the hotel’s many secrets.

The Terrowin Hotel Mysteries

The Fatal Family

Jamie Sharpe is adoring her new role managing the Terrowin Hotel. But Grandpa Sharpe has alluded that the mysterious hotel, a legacy passed down from her uncle, could contain secrets and treasures too dangerous to unearth.

When she’s invited to a gathering at the historic Story Mansion for the Gloucester family reunion, she eagerly accepts. Jamie is hoping to get the elderly Evelyn Gloucester, an old family friend of the Sharpes, to finally reveal some of the Terrowin's carefully guarded secrets.


But then she finds Evelyn’s dead body in the old servant's quarters, and suddenly she’s swept into a new and more terrifying mystery. Which of Evelyn’s grandchildren could have killed her, and why?

The answer is further complicated when Evelyn’s will mentions a priceless artifact hidden at the Terrowin many decades earlier. Each of the grandchildren begins their own quest scouring the deepest and darkest passageways within the Hotel.

Jamie gets wrangled into the thrill of the hunt herself, but it’s a dangerous line she’s walking. With the police no closer to a suspect for the murder, can she solve the case and discover the treasure before it happens again?

The Terrowin Hotel Mysteries

The Secret Terror

Jamie Sharpe, the latest heir to the Sharpe legacy, becomes entranced by the mystifying allure of her inheritance. But as she ventures deeper into the Terrowin’s dark history, she soon realizes that the depths of the hotel may be harboring a much more sinister and deadly presence.

After the discovery of a historical artifact found in the secret passageways beneath the hotel. Archeologists and historians have stormed the hotel in full force, searching for other relics from the past.


And when Jamie and her friend, Paige, find the dead body of historian Hubert Fillmore hidden away in one of the hotels underground tunnels, it’s time to start investigating.

The duo unveil a shrouded connection between Jamie's family and the hotel’s darker past along the way, and discover that the killer didn’t act alone.

Jamie and Paige are in a deadly pursuit to uncover the murder’s intentions and stop them before another innocent life is taken.

The Legends Of Leola Mysteries

The Isle Of Caves,

Malia Eaton assumed working at an Island Beach Resort would be a dream come true. But the dark folklore of the island suggests that there may be truth to the growing rumors of something malevolent that threatens to shatter her newfound paradise.

Stories of gold artifacts hidden by the first settlers have attracted countless treasure hunters, many of whom have disappeared in the uncharted parts of the island- never to return.

Curses, And Corpses

The latest victims are two Resort guests, who vanished in the Island’s forest without a trace, while in search of the legendary riches.

Now, it's up to Malia to save them from the deadly unknown while facing the risk of becoming the forest's next target. Will she succeed, or will she fail to overcome the perilous nature and dangerous grasp of the unforgiving island?